Whangamata for 2 days

We arrived at Whangamata to a glorious afternoon. Just right for a walk up the beach. I started at the port end and walked south towards the surf club. No dog shit to be seen, which was good sign. The new bluetooth system took some fine tuning, but got it up and running very well within a few metres.

The tide was just going out and the beach was very clean, didn’t find much at all. One thing I learnt was that Durex wrappers are now made from tin foil. The machine pick up one buried just above the waterline in white sand. Thankfully, nothing else was found with it!  Apart from a rusty knife handle, only found a few bottle tops.

The next day set out south of the surf club to the river mouth. Nothing special just more bottle tops and 50, 20 and 5 cent coins. Met another person with a detector who showed me what he had found.  Several coins and a ring were amongst his find. He was concentrating on the beach in front of the surf club.

In the afternoon we had a walk around the marina and the beach north of the jetty. Good to see so many people out and about enjoying themselves. I wonder what all the anti marina protesters think now after the marina has been built and in use for years. I guess the sky didn’t fall in and the worst of their fears didn’t eventuate. What is wrong with these anti progress nimbys.

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