Head phone update

My last trip to the beach was a first in my beach search. As a wearer of two hearing aids, there was a problem with putting the headphones over the hearing aids. It caused a constant whistling in both ears from the hearing aids that conflicted with the sound coming from the detector. I knew there had to be some way around this.

My aids are bluetooth capable, in that when my phone rings, I am able to answer by pressing a button on the Phonak Compilot. This is a device that hangs around my neck and sends a signal from the phone to my aids by bluetooth.  So I figured there might be a bluetooth device that would be capable of sending the sounds from my Garrett metal detector to my hearing aids via the Compilot.

I went online and did a search. Ended up at Garretts agent here in Auckland. They supplied me with a Garrett Z-Lynk Headphone Cable with 2-pin AT Connector.

This plugs into the sound outlet on the detector. Then I went to the local Jaycar Store and got a small AA2085 Rechargeable Bluetooth Audio Transmit or Receive Dongle. This is connected to my metal detector and sends the signal to my hearing aids. Secured it to the detector with cable ties.

Problem solved with the expense of $39.00 for the connector and $64.00 for the transmitter. Will report back next week after our next trip to the beach.

Written by admin